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Are you frustrated with the VA claims process?

The process of connecting medical conditions to military service can be complex and extremely frustrating. Often, service members didn't seek care or have difficulties deciphering the information in their medical records. Unfortunately, this confusing process makes veterans targets for companies to charge thousands of dollars to "coach" them through the process. We formed this company to provide veterans honestly written medical opinion letters. Our goal is to educate you about the data that potentially links your conditions to service and provide a solid opinion to support your claim.



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"Giving a huge thank you, to Rick and Krystal Levada for helping me service connect my sleep apnea, secondary to PTSD primary. The quality of the DBQ and Nexus letter were so solid, that the VA didn't even call me to do a C&P.  A few days after i filed, my eBenefits showed I was bumped from 70% to 90%. The cost was well worth the quality of the work they put in, and mind you it was a VERY reasonable cost.  Time wise was also impressive and communication great. Don't hesitate if you need professional, efficient, and proven medical nexus for your VA benefits needs."

Rick Kyllo - Salem Oregon - May 2020